we know what we grow

Lupins For Life is a true paddock to plate story - we grow and trace our produce from planting to each and every package. We've been part of the variety development, planted each seed, cheered on the rain and carefully harvested every paddock. Because we know what we grow, we can be confident that you'll receive only the best.

Through our property nearby, Lupins For Life has partnered with the Department of Primary Industries for 20 years, facilitating ongoing legume trials.

Two stand-out lupin varieties have been developed through these trials. Luxor and Rosetta have been bred with the specific aim of eliminating the bitterness common in many other varieties.

Luxor and Rosetta are 100% sweet seeded – making them ideal for our palette and perfect for inclusion in both sweet and savoury dishes.

Lupins For Life is strategically located at the heart of the ideal growing area for these varieties and close to the Eastern residential and commercial hubs, providing prompt and reliable delivery of our goods to you.

Map of Australia and Riverina region

Innovation should always be coupled with sustainability. Lupins For Life has a Zero Waste Production Policy – our closed system where our lupins make their way to the consumer or return to the soil from where they came. Nothing is wasted!

Lupins For Life Zero Waste Policy