Lupin Crumb



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Our lupin crumb is made from 100% Australian sweet white lupins – beautiful taste and highest protein of any lupin kibble in Australia today!

Our crumb is gluten-free, low GI and GM free; rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Our crumb is carefully sieved – between 630 and 1500 micron to be exact – to bring you a protein and fibre rich crumb perfect for coating your meat, fish or vegetables.

It makes the perfect low-carb gluten-free tabouli or fine couscous and is great in dips and baked foods such as breads, biscuits and cakes.

Lupin Crumbs can be used in sweet or savoury meals. Try our Berry Muffins,  Crumbed Fish, Meatballs, Crumbed Tofu, and customer favourite – Tabbouleh.

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Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 20 cm

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