Innovation at Lupins For Life

Close up whole lupins
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Our aim is innovating through collaborating with partners, clients and consumers, continually learning from others every step from the paddock to the plate.

As the world moves rapidly towards a diet that is plant-based, health-focused and – yes – creative and rich in flavour, each of us from the farmer to the chef or home cook has a part to play in making this a success.

Lupins For Life works hand-in-hand with food producers, both large and small, to develop fresh, healthy and great-tasting foods for their consumers.

So, what is it about Lupins For Life that makes this possible?

  • Our gluten-free, HACCP accredited custom facilities provide our partners with the opportunity to explore and trial lupin products that are not available off-the-shelf.
  • Our commitment to taking time with each of our partners to understand their consumers, their products, and their vision.
  • Direct contact with our central team – no one is farmed off to a state-based sales representative.
  • Our willingness to do things differently. In a rapidly globalising and changing environment, everyone has different expectations and dreams. Our first response is, “how can we make this happen?”

Innovation should always be coupled with what’s best for our environment. Lupins For Life has a Zero Waste Production Policy – our closed system where our lupins make their way to the consumer or return to the soil from where they came.