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savoury pancakes
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You truly have a wonderful product that I am certain will really take off. The crunchy flakes are in a form that I’ve found really ‘safe’ and accessible to me as a newbie, as I can add them to my protein and chia puddings and bowls as a crunchy topping and nutritional boost; as well as mix it with nuts and seeds for a trail mix. One major plus is that I don’t have to cook or bake as I frankly don’t have time.


Love your products and give them away to friends to sample, too. Love using the lupin flour in a high protein, grain free seed bread, flakes as part of a breakfast muesli I mix up and have also made Florentines using these. Keep up the great service and great food!


Will definitely introduce others to your product 🙂 My mum has already put through an order after I shared the kibble with her! Very much enjoying your products especially the toasted lupin flakes and the kibble. So tasty and low carb. For me it will help with losing a few pounds, but for my dad it’s a game changer as he must follow a low carb / high protein diet with his renal disease / dialysis and has had to avoid bread and rice etc. for a long time.

Thank you for providing such a high quality Australian product and making it easily accessible on your website. I imagine there would be a big market in the LCHP and Keto populations.


“Your products are absolutely amazing! My only regret? Don’t know why I didn’t discover them earlier!! I’ve tried many of them and not only are they fantastic for all the nutritional values and characteristics they have, but also for their taste…incredible! I practically use them every day in all possible ways, from savoury dishes to desserts! Thank you so much for your professionalism in delivering priceless products, as well as a great service! “

Martina’s favourite product is the Lupin Crumb: “I always use the Crumb to make crumbed oven-roasted veggies, as well as falafel or other vegan meatless balls. With the lupin flour I make every day morning pancakes, and I have baked several times biscuits and brownies, as well. The protein flakes are my evening post-workout snack…I love it! These products are a must have ingredient in all pantries! “


“I received goods on Friday. Thank you! I would like to thank you for your prompt and efficient service and welcome the quality products, such as the protein flakes and kibble, your company offers.”


Alicia uses Lupin Flour for making flat breads, and Lupin Crumb in meatballs. She says:

“Fantastic product and easy to order. I also love supporting Australian farmers who produce healthy food for my family”


“I make soda bread using the whole meal flour. I add extra seeds and grains as well and it is the densest high fibre bread you can eat. Just wonderful for gut health according to my gastroenterologist. Excellent product. Excellent service. To paraphrase a certain PM “how good is that?”


Jason uses the Protein Flakes and mixes them with Greek yoghurt for a healthy dessert. He says:

“A great high protein option for desserts that add a great texture and taste!”


Liz uses the Lupins Semolina to coat her homemade burgers. She says:

“Excellent product, easy online ordering with quick delivery and I always recommend your products to friends whenever I can.”


Pamela uses the flakes for breakfast and flour for baking. She says:

“I’m very excited about Lupins for Life, as personally many plant based products I’ve tried have too much roughage, and not enough protein!”


Imogene uses the crumb for coating chicken. She says:

“The taste is delicious. The crumb is the closest to “normal” bread crumbs and gluten free.”


“I use the kibble mixed with rice to increase protein content with my meal. I love the products”


“I use the flakes sprinkled on yoghurt and fruit to give a lovely crunch, taste and a nice contrasting texture. Also love the high protein content.I love the product so far and look forward to using it more. Being Vegetarian I love that this is such a good protein product that can give me a lot more variety in my diet. Ordering on line was very easy and my product came promptly and well packaged. 

I have already recommended your company to others as Lupin products don’t seem to be readily available in NSW”


Maureen uses the Lupin Flour in her pancakes. She says:

“Quite thrilled to discover such a healthy and natural food source. Certainly would refer – I tried to buy in health food shops but they hadn’t heard of it. I think the world needs your product”


Cherie uses Lupin Flour for single serve hot English muffins, crepes and wraps nearly every day. She also uses Lupin Crumb to coat fish and lightly fry . She says:

“I absolutely love Lupins for Life products; I wish they were easier to buy (in store)”


Adam uses Lupin Flour for baking gluten free muffins, cakes or protein balls. He finds that subbing in some lupin flour for almond flour when making GF muffins and cakes gives a lighter crumb and an improved texture.  He says:

Excellent product quality and great customer service – would definitely recommend you to GF bakers and health freaks. Thumbs up from us!”


Sandra popped into our office when her husband dropped off some machinery for our mill. Here’s what she had to say when she made her latest order:

“As my daughter has Type 1 Diabetes I was very interested in your product, and you were gracious enough to give us some samples. I praise God for this unexpected encounter! The kibble is awesome for lowering the count of rice which allows her to have a more satisfying amount. She has also enjoyed cupcakes with the flour, that I blend with other ingredients such as sunflower meal. The flakes are a lovely treat that she adds to her homemade muesli, or sprinkles on fruit and coconut yoghurt. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR THIS PRODUCT AND SHARING IT WITH US!!!”


Five-year-old Lettii was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in June last year.  Parents Jason and Kassandra Davis and their four children have been on quite a journey since then.

Kass tells us that managing the diabetic’s lifestyle is a daily challenge. There is continual search for foods where the carb count is appropriately low, but the quantity big enough to be a decent meal; always in the hope of using less insulin.  Our team at Lupins for Life was delighted to get her feedback after Jason took some of our product home: 

 “I honestly cannot thank you enough, your product has and will change our lifestyle dramatically. As Jason would have mentioned, our 5 year old daughter, Lettii was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in June last year and, being such a delicate balance of insulin and mostly carbohydrate intake, Lupin has opened so many doors for our girl to enjoy more and be able to eat more sustainable meals with less insulin and less chance of going into hyperglycemia.
 The ability to enjoy a piece of cake and not have the worry of the hyperglycemia that follows and the need for a good bump of insulin for correction. The ability to enjoy a piece of crumbed fish without having to guess the units needed to address the hyper from the crumb itself…”

Jason and Kassandra’s other 3 children – Tahi (16), Isabellah (9) and Cody (3) – also enjoy the Lupins for Life products in their daily diet.  Kass says she uses the Lupins for Life lupin flour the most as it’s used in a vast majority of foods that diabetics can’t usually enjoy without stress. She makes a “basic vanilla cake using LFL flour, adds baking powder to create self-raising and replaces the sugar with a sweetener granule… no spikes, no corrections, no hyper’s and no extra meal bolus”.

Kass and Jason have been advocating for education about Type 1 Diabetes since September 2018 and continue to do so through their Lettii’s Love social platforms.  They share information with other parents who look for ways to rework diabetic lifestyles.  They are sharing the success they’ve had with the Lupins for Life products, “telling others that you are there, your product is there, and it is literally exactly what we have been looking for”.

Check out #lettilove for more about Lettii and her journey.

Note: Lupins for Life are the only company in Australia that use the Sweet White (Albus) lupin – a better tasting and more nutritious lupin.