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who are we?

Gary and Heather Drew have been growing lupins for decades as part of their mixed farm business. After finding out about the nutritional benefits of lupins published in so many academic papers, Gary started processing them and handing bags out at the local footy club to give the community a protein boost. 

With positive feedback (and a few premierships!) flooding in, Gary and Heather enlisted the help of the wider family to create Lupins For Life – a company that now gives the global community that protein boost. 

To improve the health and wellbeing of the community by introducing people to the nutritional benefits of Australian sweet white lupins.

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Table spread in farm garden

Find out about the history of lupins, how you can use them and more.

Table spread

From breakfast to dessert, find out the best way to cook with lupin.

Read out about farm life, nutritional research and  benefits of lupin to your nutrition.