Max & Jess

Love you Maxi
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Four-legged Family Members

Ah, a love story you may say…

First there was Max.
Then there was Jess.
Love you Maxi.
I know you have to check the depth of the seed Dad, but hey, hurry up.
Max keeps a keen eye on the lupin sowing.
Jess and Max on farm
Jess and Max keep a keen eye on the lupin harvest.
Pups almost due. Getting a bit of TLC from the Boss.
Max & Jess have 6 puppies!
3 girls and 3 boys.
Love you, but surely it’s time to wean you guys.
Who let the dogs out???????
Ellie, Jess & Max. Our little family now. The other pups have gone to wonderful new homes.
Hey Mum and Dad, quit mucking around.