Lupins For Life partners

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LOKA Foods

Loka use our lupins for their snack and pasta range. It is included in:

  • Ultra Low Carb Protein Pasta
  • Plan powered Protein Chips
  • Savoury crackers
  • Sweet biscuits

Find them here.

loka protein pasta


Skinnybik’s founder Dr Kouris has been using lupin in her biscuits to make them low carb and hunger busting!

Find them here.


PBCo were our first major partner many years ago!

You might have tried lupin amidst their diverse range:

  • Baking mixes
  • Low carb crumb
  • Rice blends

Find them here.

Bisque Tempeh

Handmade in Bellingen, NSW – Bisque Tempeh is a sustainable business producing flavoursome and unique food.

Find them here.