Our story

Lupins For Life is a true paddock to plate story - we grow and trace our produce from planting to each and every package. 

Based in the Riverina region of New South Wales, every step is proudly local - supporting our rural communities.

We select only premium Australian sweet white lupins - a better tasting, higher protein and fibre legume - a perfect addition to many sweet and savoury meals. 



To improve the health and wellbeing of Australians by introducing communities to the nutritional benefits of Australian sweet white lupins.


Our history

Lupins for Life is founded on over 175 years of experience in the food industry here in Australia. Committed to innovation, we have partnered with the Department of Agriculture over the past 30 years in countless trials and have pioneered the commercial application of legumes such as lupins.

Over the past decade, we have focused solely on the premium variety of Australian SWEET WHITE LUPINS for its better taste and higher protein level. While those in Europe, the Middle East and South America have long favoured the SWEET WHITE, we believed it was time that Australians had this opportunity too.

Since 2016, we have built our own research and development facility and dedicated gluten-free mill. As a company, we know that innovation is the key to our success and to your enjoyment.

Our story has just begun!


Gary & Heather Drew

Roger Drew
Managing Director

Chris Johnston
Director & Business Operations Manager

Katie Friedlieb
Digital Coordinator

Mal Chambers
Mill Manager