Lupin Meatballs

Thanks to Mary Ann for this delicious recipe!


·       500gms mince (chicken or beef)

·       1 x stick celery roughly chopped

·       ½ onion – diced rough

·       1 x head broccoli – roughly chopped

·       1 x carrot – grated

·       2 eggs

·       1 x dessertspoons of ABC Sweet soy sauce

·       2 x dessertspoons of BBQ sauce

·       2 x dessertspoons of Lupin crumps

·       1 teaspoon Vegeta

Crumb Mix:

·       ½ cup breadcrumbs

·       ½ cup of Lupin crumb


In a food processer; blend celery, onion and broccoli to a rough crumb mixture.

Add this to the mince in a bowl.

Add in the eggs and sauces and stir so the mixture is sticky and blended.

Roll small handfuls into balls and roll in Crumb mix

Using coconut oil, fry the balls slowly at a medium heat until cooked through

Serving suggestions;

·       As a snack with Hommus Dip

·       With a rich tomato sauce stirred through pasta