Mini Toasted Protein Flakes - Limited edition


We have a limited run of Mini Toasted Protein Flakes. Still in 400g packets, but this time the flakes themselves are half their regular size.

Perfect for sprinkling over salads, using as a bigger crumb and much more.

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Same great product – just with smaller flakes.


Our toasted PROTEIN FLAKES are a world first!!! We have spent the past four years developing this amazing new all-natural food.

Yes, it is 43% PROTEIN, nearly 30% FIBRE, very LOW CARBS, an amazing nutty TASTE – and is the perfect LOW GI way to start your day!! For breakfast, simply add 25-30% TOASTED PROTEIN FLAKES to your muesli or other cereals or add to yoghurt and fruit. Add to salads for crunch or add to slices, biscuits or your favourite cakes.

Our toasted PROTEIN FLAKES are a PURE PLANT BASED PROTEIN made from 100% Australian sweet white lupins – a beautiful taste with the highest protein of any lupin available in Australia today!

Our flakes are a gluten-free product, though may contain traces due to the rolling process done offsite. It is GM free, rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Try Flakes in Low Carb Florentines or Heather’s Muesli.

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Dimensions 20 × 7 × 7 cm


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